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  • UAVs in healthcare

    How drones can have an impact in the healthcare sector in developing contexts

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    The future of Mobile Health

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  • And the winners are...

    Henri Nyakarundi and Elizabeth Kperrun win the first edition of the “ICT for Social Good” Grant

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Where cooperation meets the web

Ong 2.0 is a community and an online training center for and about advancing the use of ICT and the web to further international aid

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UAVs in healthcare

You might have heard about the use of drones to support humanitarian…

Cash for Health Mobile Money

Two examples of how mobile technology can support cash for health…

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mobile Health

Ever heard about the use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile…

A Mobile Health Application from design to pilot – Experience from Rwanda

It’s November 2017, in Rwanda, at Gihembe and Nyabiheke Refugee…
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And the winners are...

Henri Nyakarundi and Elizabeth Kperrun are the winners of…
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