ICT Solutions for Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains

IICD publication ictSmallholder farmers in developing countries remain underprivileged, lacking access to critical information required for their agricultural activities. They are often not able to produce sufficiently for their community and often see limited incentives to produce more than what is needed for their own livelihood. This is primarily caused by the limited access to the inputs, support services, markets, and credit, which would enable them to increase their production and sales volumes.

IICD’s experience in ICT for agriculture shows that the use of the range of recently emerging ICT solutions positively affects inclusion of smallholders in the Agricultural Value Chains, providing that it is supported by thorough capacity building of all the stakeholders and applied with the business logic of the Value Chain. The use of ICTs improves the performance and profitability of agricultural activities, allows for mitigation of the inherent risks and provides access to information and services essential for smallholder farmers and their organisations to link to vertically integrated Value Chains.

Autore: IICD

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