Integrating Mobiles into Development Projects

Schermata 2015-09-03 alle 17.24.14This handbook is intended as a practical and actionable guide to help
USAID staff consider the challenges that can impede the realization of a more sustainable and equitable future powered by mobile technology and other digital solutions, and to think critically about when and how to deploy mobile solutions. Across the world, I have observed countless examples of exciting mobile programs that have failed to scale beyond donor funding.The execution of mobile solutions can often be more challenging than anticipated. Many remain underpowered because the policy/regulatory environment hampers the expansion of affordable Internet or mobile services, business models are not aligned to meet the commercial interests of the private sector at a price point that works for low-income communities, and, too often, mobile services are
not designed with the end-user in mind. Finally, the often siloed nature of our development programs mean that mHealth, mAgriculture, mFinance and other “m-“ efforts are not built to support each other and, in some cases, are working at cross-purposes.

Autore: USAID

Anno: 2014

Lingua: inglese


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