Managing Machine Learning Projects in International Development

“The authors have developed this guide to support practical decision-making by project managers throughout the development sector. The guide’s focus is on promoting the responsible use of ML/AI in development and humanitarian work, without assuming background expertise in data science or digital programming. Earlier this year, USAID published its Digital Strategy. The aim of this guide is to provide practical resources for the development community that engender an informed, thoughtful approach to using ML/AI and to support development practitioners in actively shaping effective and responsible digital programming.

Who Should Read this Guide
This practical guide has been designed for development practitioners who may not be trained technologists but are involved with or responsible for implementing projects that might have a technical machine learning/ artificial intelligence component. It is informed by USAID’s previously released Reflecting the Past, Shaping the Future: Making AI Work for International Development. In some instances, this guide incorporates images and language from that original USAID report.

How to Use this Guide
This guide is less about development of a technical ML model and more about management of a project that includes ML. Following the phases of a project lifecycle, this guide provides practical guidance and examples of implementations of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with the goal of strengthening your understanding of how these technologies can be appropriately applied, integrated, and managed for impact. Along with the project lifecycle modules, four key thematic areas are woven throughout, providing a framework for enhancing positive, responsible impact and sustainability when using ML/AI.”

Autore: DAI

Anno: 2020

Lingua: inglese

Scarica qui: Managing Machine Learning Projects in International Development