Open development: sci-fi or opportunity?

«It is indeed hard to pick a good definition for this term. However, open development is a reality already, and many more opportunities are yet to be discovered». So what does open cooperation means in the context of the development? Pelle Aardema, a Dutch “technology evangelist” for nonprofits will explain just that as he is among the organizers of the Open development camp taking place in Amsterdam next October.

[Serena Carta – from the ICT4dev column]

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When cooperation is done via SMS

«Text to change helps NGOs to launch social campaigns and collect data via SMS, track a project and evaluate its impact through mobile phones, and share information with thousands of people.» In the heart of Amsterdam Vps met Hajo van Beijma, founder of Text to change, social enterprise using mobiles to serve international cooperation.

[By Serena Carta, from ICT4dev]

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