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How mapping can help defeat the Ebola virus

Over time, technological tools for emergency services have evolved. Particularly, digital mapping plays an increasingly important role in helping people in charge of managing humanitarian crises and their operations. Some months ago, doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reviewed existing tools and skills to deal with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. MSP then decided […]

Lessons learned in four years of working in NGO and social media

by Donata Columbro The most dangerous thing to do is to remain motionless. William Seward Burroughs It was my last week of work for an NGO 2.0., Volunteers for development and CISV. The latter was the leader NGO for this editorial project, first, and then also the leader in terms of innovation applied to cooperation for development. In 2010, after my graduation in international relations followed by a period of study in Burkina Faso, I made it to […]

Break down the fortress: 4 reasons to use open data in non-profits

by Donata Columbro According to the latest Aid Transparency Index, an increasing number of international agencies and governments have begun to publish their data on development funds. Some of this data are released in an open format, in full compliance with international standards such as those set forward by the IATI Convention. Why should the […]

Technology for development and the rights

Focsiv, and Impact Accri Hub organized a roundtable discussion in Trieste to talk about ICT and international cooperation. The link between digital technologies and international cooperation is the theme of the roundtable entitled “ICTD4 – technology for development and rights” taking place November 14 to 18 in Impact Hub in Trieste. ONG 2.0 is behind […]

#connectBurundi: how to build a participatory online map

Historically, maps help with getting a sense of direction. The Seruka centre of Bujumbura in Burundi chose crowdmapping, that is, the reliance on citizen collaboration in order to plan new action strategies for the prevention of GBV (gender-based violence). How is the mapping moving along? By Serena Carta, Bujumbura An initial introductory meeting with the […]

Beth Kanter, how NGOs survive in a connected world

Beth Kanter is a non-profit consultant insofar as communication strategies and social networking go. Her work is also her mission. She travels around the world to help NGOs shape their structure around web 2.0 features, i.e., participation, transparency, and horizontal relationships. During the Internet Festival in Pisa, Kanter will deliver a keynote on networked nonprofits. […]

#connectBurundi: let’s get it started!

I am travelling to Burundi for 34 days to apply  ICT to a project  raising awareness about gender violence and caring for its victims, along with the CCM (MedicalCollaboration Committee) NGO  from Turin. We are departing, amahoro to all of you. [By Serena Carta, from ICT4dev] They say that Burundi is an enchanted and tormented country. For one, the hospitality and kindness of its people find its roots on the shores of the great Lake Tanganyika where its green hills remind me of Monferrato’s and Switzerland’s  to others. […]

Rethinking finance for agriculture: a new challenge for ICT

Organized by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and the African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA), and supported by various bodies and foundations, including the Rockefeller Foundation and FAO, the Fin4Ag International Conference took place between 14 and 18 July in Nairobi. by Elisabetta Demartis, Dakar (Senegal)