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Open development: sci-fi or opportunity?

«It is indeed hard to pick a good definition for this term. However, open development is a reality already, and many more opportunities are yet to be discovered». So what does open cooperation means in the context of the development? Pelle Aardema, a Dutch “technology evangelist” for nonprofits will explain just that as he is […]

When cooperation is done via SMS

«Text to change helps NGOs to launch social campaigns and collect data via SMS, track a project and evaluate its impact through mobile phones, and share information with thousands of people.» In the heart of Amsterdam Vps met Hajo van Beijma, founder of Text to change, social enterprise using mobiles to serve international cooperation. [By […]

The future of ICT: universal, sustainable, open

«To my knowledge, no information technology process has been a success, so far.» Tim Unwin – a very well-known top notch ICT4D guru – enjoyed being provocative during a symposium at VU University in Amsterdam on May 16th. The meeting gathered information scientists, anthropologists, and political scientists so that they could reflect upon the role […]

You never stop learning at Spider center!

Il post che segue (in inglese) è stato pubblicato sul sito dello Spider center di Stoccolma, dove ho trascorso i primi 3 mesi del periodo all’estero previsto dal Master dei talenti della società civile. Riassume gli insegnamenti raccolti nella prima fase di “scoperta” delle ICT4D e del framework concettuale costruito dagli accademici.

No, technology will not save the world

Newsfeed stressing the potential of technology to revolutionize the Arab world are becoming increasingly more frequent. From the Arab Spring to the widespread use of mobiles in Africa, an iPhone can change reality. But are things really like that? After a more careful analysis, technology appears to be but one of the many tools at […]

ICT4D, the importance of building the net

Computer scientists, geographers, sociologists, anthropological, political scientists: the field of ICT4D is inherently multidisciplinary, and it involves different actors. The Spider Center at the University of Stockholm brings together practitioners, researchers, civil society organizations and institutions around the same table to create a global network able to implement technology for development from an inclusive perspective. […]

Cooperation 2.0 | How do Italian NGOs use the ICT4D?

Italy has more than 3,500 organizations dealing with international cooperation and solidarity, according to the latest survey of nonprofits by ISTAT. How many of them use information and communication technologies (ICT) in their work, be it in Italy or abroad? With a bit of ambition,  I will try to provide you this information. By Serena Carta, from ICT4dev