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10 best practices to reach communities in complex emergencies

You arrive at Bangui airport in the Central African Republic (CAR) from headquarters, you switch on your smartphone to tell your family and colleagues that you’ve arrived and nothing happens: “there is no network”, said Jean-Luc Mootoosamy, Programme Manager for CAR for the media development organisation Foundation Hirondelle. “One of the closest elements to us […]

Is mobile money really the key of financial inclusion?

Over the past years, mobile money has become the quintessential African success story. The reason is easy to explain: it contributes to shatter the worn-out picture of war and famine advanced for decades by the mainstream media, and conjures up a fresh and inspiring image of modernity and ingenuity, winking to Pan-African values but in […]

‘Women and tech’ to improve delivery of healthcare

Ong 2.0 dedicates this month to “Women and tech”. So, if you’re active on Twitter, you’ve probably came across the hashtag #mWomen. mWomen is a new tagline referring to mobile tools and programs centred on the needs of women, usually those living in developing countries. Typical mWomen projects involve: – Promoting literacy and educational opportunities […]