Four ways 3D printing promotes social change

3D Printers can produce extraordinary results, their only limit is the imagination of the one who uses them. From the medical science to education, passing through the new dimensions of personalization and repairing of objects, the possibilities to take advantage of this technology are numerous.

Canalys – the society monitoring the evolutions of the phenomenon – has estimated for the industry a 500% growth in the last 5 years and sustains that it will be worth more than 16,2 billions of dollars within 2018. Numbers like these introduce the possibility that 3D printers will be a changing element for large scale production, making this technology the leader of a possible industrial revolution.

There are many different ways to use 3D printers. Among these, at least four could change our lives as we know them now.

1) Support and improvement of learning in STEM education processes

STEM education is a way of teaching which considers the acquisition of concepts through the use of abilities and knowledge in real life situations. Particularly STEM is an acronym corresponding to science, technology, engineering, math. The speed and low costs marking out 3D printers offer the possibility to better the learning process making it faster and more engaging. Students exercise through the planning of prototypes and models, acquiring knowledge and abilities without being aware of it. In Pasadena, California, a school has bought a printer, experimenting in this way collaboration processes and creativity which take place between students and teachers, also thanks to the characteristics of 3D printing.

2)New dimensions of repairing and personalization

This technology is not only a low cost solution when it comes to learning, but it’s also really useful when it comes to repairing or personalizing objects. In fact, for the most of the world the possibility to reach, for example, a hardware store within 200 miles is a luxury. Right now there’s no idea on how and how much 3D printers can implement the ability of people to adapt to reality or find different solutions to face it. It’s anyways possible to observe how people can bring a significative help in case of difficulty.

3) A new sector within the medical and prosthetic field. 

How we may imagine, one of the most common areas of use for 3D printer is medicine, with the creation of objects like medical devices and specific prosthesis. These ones are particularly enhanced by the use of these devices.

4) A turning point in manufacturing industry 

With the use of 3D printers, manufacturing industry – especially at small scale – is moving, becoming more competitive. In fact, adding to the typical flexibility and quality of small industry, the cut-down of costs and the growth of quality raw material an industry model significantly competing with the large scale one comes up.

Every day new 3D printers and new materials are conceived, analyzed, studied and, finally, created. The change is continuous and challenging, the possibilities endless.

50 minutes of working of a 3D printer in 50 seconds

Source: 4 ways 3D printing is promoting Social Change

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