ICT Innovations for Development: here are the scholarships winners

We have officially concluded the process of Scholarship Awards by delivering 23 Scholarships to bright talents across the world (surprise, surprise – three scholarships more than planned!) that will attend the long-term online course “ICT Innovations for Development”. The scholarships are made possible thanks to the generous support of Fondazione Cariplo and Compagnia di San Paolo within the framework of the project “Innovation for Development”. The selection of 23 candidates who received the Scholarship Award has been a tough job for the Selection Committee, considering the tremendous high amount of applications received – 448 in total. And, today we are immensely happy to announce the winners of the Scholarship Award.


Many students, aid workers, start-up-ers and ICT and issue-experts have shown their interest and eagerness to be part of the course “ICT Innovation for Development“. Receiving 424 applications in few weeks is a striking fact. This underlines that all these actors are willing and have the opportunity to experiment and realise a worthy and efficient  collaboration, as well as strengthen their own professional growth through actionable and practice-based educational approach.

High-quality candidates and the great variety of their profiles in terms of experience and origins have made the selection process very difficult so that we have raised the number of scholarships.

The interactive map below shows the origins of all the applicants.

Click on the image to see the entire map


We are pleased to announce the successful applicants:

  • Rita Tuhairwe (Uganda)
  • Aklima Sharmin (Bangladesh)
  • Nora Vula (Kosovo)
  • Collins Afeti Gadawusu (Ghana)
  • James Kasindi (Tanzania)
  • Keron Bascombe (Trinidad e Tobago)
  • Joseph Laker (Uganda)
  • Boubacar Demba Coly (Senegal)
  • Mohamed Amine Chriyaa (Marocco)
  • Roberto Bustamante (Perù)
  • Sadman Sadek (Bangladesh)
  • Christian Cedric Toe (Burkina Faso)
  • Leopoldine Tossou (Costa d’Avorio)
  • Joselyne Imanikuzwe (Ruanda)
  • Dydimus Zengenene (Zimbabwe)
  • Enrico Marescotti (Italia, Kenya)
  • Innocent Chamisa (Italia)
  • Adelaide Strada (Italia)
  • Sara Bonanni (Italia)
  • Ilaria Picilli (Italia)
  • Alice Mantoani (Italia)
  • Marco Rizzo (Italia)
  • Stefano Battain (Italia)

We sincerely thank all the applicants. Those who did not get the scholarships and those who are highly motivated to learn more about ICTs for development can still join the course or specific modules. We have thought special fees to participate.

The kick-off “Welcome Space” meeting is scheduled for November 3rd while the course itself  will start on the 8th of November. Save the dates!

Here you find the full programme schedule. Contact us for any doubts and requests here: ict4d@ong2zero.org.



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