Technology for development and the rights

Focsiv, and Impact Accri Hub organized a roundtable discussion in Trieste to talk about ICT and international cooperation.

The link between digital technologies and international cooperation is the theme of the roundtable entitled “ICTD4 – technology for development and rights” taking place November 14 to 18 in Impact Hub in Trieste.

ONG 2.0 is behind the organization of this initiative, within the ONG 2.0 framework. Silvia Pochettino, journalist and founder of ONG 2.0 will be there along with Marco Zennaro, researcher at the International Centre for theoretical physics Abdus Salam in Trieste, where he studies Telecommunications in developing countries. Gildas Guiella, Burkina Faso, founder of Ouagalab first Burkinabé fablab will be present via a remote connection. Tech Jjiguène, Senegal, will also intervene from remote, founder of a women-run hub sensitizing Senegalese women on technology and discrimination.

The main purpose of the meeting is to understand the role and potential of technology for development without ever losing sight of the importance of connection players coming from fields as distant as ICT and international cooperation.
Admission is free, but registration required.

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