NGOs should learn from the Guardian

On March 27 Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, launched a tweet abot ten participatory journalism rules that the editorial board of his newspaper  decided to adopt. They also happen to be ten rules any non-governmental organization could – and should – make their own.


I tried to re-interpret Alan Rusbridger’s tweet on participatory journalism from on #openaid perspective of #openaidr:

One. Encourage participation.

Two. Go beyond us/them duality toward readers

Three. Encourages public debate, share other people’s writings

Four. Help all sorts of community to take action on shared interests

Five. Be open to the web, link, collaborate

Six. Aggregates and edited other people’s work

Seven. Acknowledge not to be the only authority in your field

Otto. Promote and reflect  diversity as a value

Nine. Publishing is just the start, not the end of an article

Ten. Be transparent and open to challenge, correction and publication.

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