The blog “Geomappers for Development” has been created with the aim of becoming a space where to publish articles related to geographic data collection, processing and publication, with focus on international cooperation with developing countries. Articles will cover a wide range of topics: from field activities using GPS or mobile devices, to the use of data in a GIS environment, case studies description and work experience, interviews and conferences summaries.

This blog is intended to be nor a pure academic space neither a support to software by publishing technical manuals. It is a real “open space” where external contributions are warmly welcome and appreciated, as long as coherent with blog technical and ethical guidelines, and where particular attention will be given to open source solutions, since they can be considered the most suitable in terms of sustainability.

Enjoy the blog, we wish you a good geomapping!

Giuliano Ramat obtained his degree in Forestry in 1997 and his Master’s degree in Geomatics and Natural Resources Evaluation at IAO in Florence. Over fifteen years of experience in training sector, he has worked both as GIS key expert as well as coordinator in technical cooperation international projects in Developing Countries, improving his skills in environmental data field collection and GIS applications. He has been working closely to gvSIG Association by testing new releases, documentation production, being involved in social networks and blogs. He is currently entitled as rural development expert in Afghanistan for the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Maurizio Foderà graduated “Expert Surveyor” at Faculty of Engineering – University of Florence in 1995, he is since that year the owner of “Studio di Topografia Applicata Foderà” a company working in the field of Topographic and Photogrammetric surveys, Urban and Architectonic Photgrammety, GIS, Digitalization of cartography for GIS, Geodatabase. He started very soon creating Geographic Information Systems and has made several GIS and WebGIS for public and private customers. He began as a teacher, for some years now, with training activities in GIS courses for High School and for AGIT – Italian Association of Surveyors. He is author and co-author of several articles and publications on GIS and topography and, also, creator and responsible of KARTOBLOG The blog of Italian GIS. In partnership with GISMAP, in 2012, he was in Somaliland for an activity of “Governance and Institutional Capacity Building Training ‘on GPS / GIS themes, and more recently, in September 2014, was in Jordan for a training activity” Open Source GIS for Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment ” for ministerial technicians, academics and members of NGOs of West Asia.

Claudia Mocci, passionate about cooperation and open data, from 2010 she is a founding member of SardiniaOpenData. In 2012 – thanks to a pilot project of DG ECHO (EUROSHA) – she was part of the team responsible for the collection of geographical information data through the use of open source tools, especially OpenStreetMap, for the creation of a platform for sharing informations on emergency crisis and humanitarian aid  in Chad .She still is an active volunteer of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Wiki, she currently deals with project management and training for various associations and NGOs. Interested and passionate about ITC4D ITC is one of 24 Champions of the course “Technological Innovation for Social Change in the Global South” promoted by ONG2.0 and trainer of the course “Introduction to the Humanitarian Mapping with Open Street Map” .