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This is the Blog of the second edition of the ICT4D course – ICT Innovations for Development – organised by Ong2.o, within the project “Innovazione per lo sviluppo”. Post after post you can follow the progress of the course modules and discover some of the materials introduced by lecturers over the different modules.


Master ICT4D: students’ feedback

In march we took part at the master ICT4D crash course, activated…
November 18, 2019/by alberto

ICT4D champions at work, devising innovative solutions for Development

On April 10th, the long-term online training course "ICT Innovations…
April 13, 2017/by camilla

ICT for human rights, democracy and activism

ICT for human rights, democracy and activism – these comprehensive…
March 14, 2017/by viviana

ICT for Mapping and Emergencies: good practice from Nepal

Few days left and the ICT Innovations for Development online…
January 3, 2017/by federico

ICT and Development: 9 principles and 5 methods to start with

The relation between Information and Communication Technologies…
November 30, 2016/by federico

Open Data Collection for a better governance

In the last years, a great hype has surrounded open data. This…
November 23, 2016/by federico

ICT Innovations for Development: here are the scholarships winners

We have officially concluded the process of Scholarship Awards…
October 27, 2016/by federico

Financial inclusion: potentialities and drawbacks

In the last years, financial Inclusion -  provide banking services…
October 24, 2016/by federico

ICT Innovations for Development: a new long-term online course

ICT Innovations for Development is a certified long-term online…
September 20, 2016/by viviana

The phone besides the hoe. How ICTs are changing the agriculture

Today, 5 billion people use mobile phones and the total number…
September 19, 2016/by federico

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