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How mhealth can help Refugees in Europe?

As the current refugees crisis is spreading through Europe and…
December 23, 2015/by eloisa

RapidSMS: an example of mhealth application

Mhealth tools can be deployed with many functionalities, such…
December 9, 2015/by silviap

Welcome to the mHealth Blog

Hello everybody! My name is Paola Fava, I am a business developer…
November 25, 2015/by viviana

Technology is a new kind of lifeline for refugees

Imagine you’re a refugee leaving home for good. You’ll need…
November 25, 2015/by viviana

Student launches solar backpack for Kenyan school children

Former Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, student Salima Visram has become…
November 12, 2015/by silviap

The future of Agriculture? Without land, without pesticides and with very little water

In the next 50 years we will exceed 9 billion population on Earth…
October 30, 2015/by viviana

From non-techie to ICT4D enthusiast

posted by guest writer Patricia Mtungila


I first…
July 30, 2015/by viviana

Open Badges, a new digital standard to get recognition for skills you learn

Learning and training opportunities equip people with new skills…
July 20, 2015/by eloisa

The importance of a good Internet connection: the Iranian case

Losing a job opportunity because you cannot access a good Internet…
June 17, 2015/by eloisa

Mobile money to improve maternal health, an African story

posted by guest writer Patricia Mtungila* from Lilongwe, Malawi

May 18, 2015/by redazione uno

Top 10 most innovative companies in Africa – Part II

Read here part 1.

Africa is full of innovation. Whether it…
April 21, 2015/by redazione uno

Looking for a gender perspective in ICT4D|Storify

[View the story "Looking for a gender perspective in ICT4D" on…
April 16, 2015/by redazione uno