Facts, information and talks about mHealth. Tools, case studies and user’s stories selected and presented by Paola Fava.

Paola Fava is a biomedical engineer with experience in cooperation and international development.
Since 2006, she has lived and worked in several countries such as Guinea Bissau, Guatemala, Malawi and Madagascar, among others, where she collaborated with NGOs and Aid Agencies, as technology advisor and project manager. During her work experience, she has been focusing particularly on the use of ICT in support of development projects in rural contexts and in several sectors of intervention: from provision of basic healthcare assistance to food security, sustainable energy and disaster preparedness at community, country and regional level. In 2012, she founded Gnucoop Soc. Coop. with a group of IT professionals, with the objective of providing IT solutions particularly to the non profit sector. In 2015, she collaborated with ONG2.0 as a Tutor for the mhealth and M&E modules of the ICT4D course.

mHealth and humanitarian mapping: a brand new learning format

New topics and a new methodology is allowing people to study…
May 28, 2020/by anna

ISF: the theme of sustainable technology is crucial in Africa

The third edition of the Informatici Senza Frontiere Festival…
December 9, 2019/by agnese

UAVs in healthcare

You might have heard about the use of drones to support humanitarian…
October 1, 2018/by viviana

Cash for Health Mobile Money

Two examples of how mobile technology can support cash for health…
June 1, 2018/by valentina

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mobile Health

Ever heard about the use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile…
February 5, 2018/by valentina

A Mobile Health Application from design to pilot – Experience from Rwanda

It’s November 2017, in Rwanda, at Gihembe and Nyabiheke Refugee…
January 18, 2018/by valentina

Birth registration is a child’s right

A name and nationality is every child’s right, enshrined in…
April 26, 2017/by laura


Maps4health? What is the connection between healthcare and maps?…
December 13, 2016/by laura

Digital Health Information Fragmentation

Small health centres in remote villages in some regions of Africa…
December 13, 2016/by laura

‘Women and tech’ to improve delivery of healthcare

Ong 2.0 dedicates this month to “Women and tech".
So, if you’re…
March 16, 2016/by Silvia Pochettino

Mhealth as a training tool for Safe Delivery

Maternal and newborn mortality rate is very high in many low-income…
February 9, 2016/by eloisa

How mhealth can help Refugees in Europe?

As the current refugees crisis is spreading through Europe and…
December 23, 2015/by eloisa

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