Ong 2.0 is an online hub where cooperation meets the web

A project born to form – and inform – the next generation of people able and willing to inhabit the web by communicating, collaborating and coordinating so to enact an innovative cooperation for development.

What about our vision?

Cooperation is the true-to-form peer-to-peer collaboration. It involves people, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and businesses who freely elect to exchange experiences and skills through the Internet, in order to find new solutions to social issues within their local communities.

Four keywords firmly stand behind the cooperation we advocate

open: all international cooperation project data must be released on the web in an open format so to ease the sharing, reusing and capitalizing on previously acquired skills and experiences

sustainable: all the ICT tools used within said projects needs to be open source, self-produced, low-cost, and built on top of both the recycling of accessible materials and the use of renewable energies

social: all projects need to be geared on participative decision-making. They progress through prompt discussion within an online (and offline) community – before, during and after their implementation

widespread: cooperation for development belongs to everybody. If done right, both the web and the ICT tools can help bridging physical gaps among stakeholders so that they can all play an active role in the project they are involved to regardless to their location

Nowadays, Ong 2.0 is a community and an online training center for and about advancing the use of ICT and the web to further international cooperation for development.

It aims to evolve constantly along with available technologies building on the ideas of anybody wanting to partake in it.